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Strong, yet lightweight

A strong lightweight material, our polycarbonate roofing is ideal for greenhouses, carports, outdoor awnings and conservatory roofs. The end result is a pleasing finish your customer will value and a cost-effective installation for the fabricator and installer.

Advantages of this System

  • Synseal extrudes all Global PVCu parts as well as injection moulded products using the latest technology.  This ensures quality and colour consistency in every installation.
  • Sight-lines are co-ordinated to ensure that the final product is aesthetically pleasing while designed from the ground up to fit together quickly and with ease.  This ground up design means that from the point of order the Global product is shipped to destination in 3 days.  The Global system was designed with innovation in mind.  Every modification to the design needed to make life easier for our customers while ensuring the final result pleased the end user.  Global can be fitted to any window profile and shares many of the Shield system benefits ensuring what ever the application Global systems can be used seamlessly.  Global has been engineered to allow installation from the inside.  Only one bolt at each end of the glazing bar is used with no drilling.
  • An M8 fixing bolt in the central groove ensures rafters hook directly into position.  This ensures security for the end user and a quick, cost-effective installation for the fabricator, installer and client.  Even the new super heavy glazing section removes the need for steel reducing cost and increasing profitability on every job.  These panels have been tested to 310kg placed directly onto the roof panel, the equivalent of over half a metre of snow on a glass panel of 780mm x 1800mm.
  • The Global innovations don’t stop there, the new 3 piece glass kit is like having an extra pair of hands, the wedge teeth holding the glass panels securely.  The Synseal patented concealed gaskets mean inside or outside a Global Conservatory is bright white from all angles.  Even the box gutter fixing plate requires no drilling for easy fixing and perfect finishes every time.

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